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The development process of custom web software

Posted on 20/06/2018 7:22am

An online app is a computer program that operates on a server and exchanges information via the Internet with a user's instrument. The application interface is usually a web browser located on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Author: Steven Brewer

The creation of the software starts with the analysis of the client's papers. Depending on the analysis of the documentation, an introductory calculation is created, which is also a preparatory project of the web software ( It is an estimate demonstrating the amount of costs to be produced to project the software. Then, the project spec is determined. It contains a description of all parts and performance, links between app elements, mathematical formulas, info for reports. Specification is an app design that involves a cost approximation for each part, which is the ultimate calculation and the offer for software development. After signing the project, software is realized due to the spec and functional design. If the design allows for the separation of larger parts, the software ( is implemented in steps. The application is put into testing in the development system. At this stage, modifications and adjustments are implemented according to the project. After successful completion of trials and acceptance of the entire project, the software is introduced on the customer’s server and tests are repeated.

If everything works properly, the application is implemented in the client's firm. As far as Polish bespoke software market is concerned, Objectivity Poland (from Wroclaw) is the most esteemed enterprise, as well among foreigner partners.

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